daqexp.dll 에러를 고치세요

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daqexp.dll 에러를 고치세요

[2014-08-07: DLL-Files Support says]

daqexp.dll is loaded as a DLL (dynamic link library) module within the process WSHelper.exe (Wondershare Studio by Wondershare)

Typical file location: \wondershare\wondershare helper compact\daqexp.dll

Reportedly, the WSHelper.exe is a malware, popping up offers, and tracking your surfing habits. Some users report that this file has even locked up their computers, with a 100% CPU load.

The WSHelper.exe is installed together with Wondershare Studio, and maybe with other software from Wondershare. Neither WSHelper.exe, nor daqexp.dll sooms to be needed for using the Wondershare Studio, but they seem to stay on your computer, even if un-installing the Wondershare Studio, continuing to bother you with popups.

Because of this behaviour, we will not offer this file for download.

To stop error messages for missing daqexp.dll , remove any scheduled tasks or autostarts for these files, and also the fles themselves.

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